GIS Services

Geographic Information System helps Organizations directly or indirectly in daily life with the capability to take informed decisions. GIS Integration with IT solutions helps to increase the efficiency in Utilities, Logistics and Government industries. NiBhu team has vast experience in developing and integrating GIS applications and efficient solutions.

We utilize our engagement model to help you accelerate your time to develop and deploy GIS applications that can improve decision-making and add value to your business needs

NiBhu provides GIS solutions that organize and centralize data including both spatial and non-spatial to our customers.Nibhu has experience in the leading GIS products for developing GIS solutions for a wide range of deployments from desktop, web and mobile devices in enterprise environments. We are experienced in Esri ArcGIS suite, AutoCAD products, Open source GIS products.

Our expertise in GIS includes:

Data Conversion:

NiBhu Technologies offers a number of cost effective Geo Spatial data capture and conversion services including:

  • Land base and building survey data capture
  • Vector data capture from photogrammetric and satellite imagery
  • Conversion of facilities data from paper maps or scanned images of legacy source materials

Data Migration:

Migration of geospatial data from one source to another can often be a complex process. In Some instances it is required to combine the data from multiple formats and also combine spatial and non-spatial data together into a target data model. For instance, when upgrading to a new version of an existing GIS or adopting a new platform, differences in object definitions and data relationships may require a multi-step migration process including both manual and automated steps.

NiBhu Technologies data migration services plan this process and execute in well defined steps resulting in a seamless migration and delivering data ready for use in the target geospatial system. With in-depth knowledge of all modern GIS platforms, NiBhu Technologies offers a proprietary data capture tool that was designed with the ability to migrate data from a variety of sources in mind. With this application, extract, transform, and load processes that once took weeks to implement, can now be designed in a matter of days and ready for production.

Data conflation

Every organization that utilizes geospatial data will eventually need to conflate data from multiple sources into a single database. For instance, a business merger / acquisition may require merging disparate geospatial systems or facilities data may need to be conflated to a more accurate land base. NiBhu Technologies employs proven techniques to collect, standardize, and consolidate data from existing digital files and / or hard-copy sources.

Data Modelling

The success of any geospatial system is based on its data and how data is used to fulfil an organization’s business excellence. The structure of the data model directly impacts how data are used and, consequently, a well-developed data model is paramount to the success of any geospatial system.
NiBhu Technologies has hands-on experience with a wide variety of geospatial data models related to many domains and utilizes that knowledge in performing services ranging from development of new data models to evaluation and enhancement of existing models.

3D Modelling

At NiBhu, we have generated 3D models for engineering, manufacturing, software, real estate, IT. These 3D models can be architecture, building, product prototype, interiors, exteriors etc.

  • Concept building and sketching the object, product or building
  • 3D modeling development
  • Texturing, lighting, coloring
  • Rendering